In this continuous search to increase and enrich the quality of the servicesthat we offer, we have a new addition to our ranks: from this moment, Chef Gloria joins our team, with the mission of enriching and expanding all actions and gastronomic experiences that we provide as an agency..

Despite the current situation, food and gastronomy continue to be the protagonists of our daily life, and therefore of communications. COVID-19 has shown the importance of the primary sector, food and gastronomy, and it is a fact that every day we are more conscious of the quality and quantity of what we eat. That’s the reason we have decided to incorporate a chef with a high expertise in food and nutrition.

Both gastronomy and the food industry have evolved. From enjoying a recipe in live videos through digital channels, to a closer experience at home around a product, there is a huge range of possibilities in the kitchen to exploit and offer to our different audiences.

With more than 25 years working with the stoves, Chef Gloria is from this moment the greatest asset of our agency in gastronomy matters. She will take us even further in the creation of top content, and she is the one in charge of coordinating everything related to gastronomy and the related products we have been working with in Lead Image for many years.

If you want to know how the chef can support your next campaign, do not hesitate to talk to us.