Laura Corzo, current President of our agency, founded Lead Image under the name of Mega Marketing , with the vision of being one of the main PR agencies in Mexico and Latin America.

Colgate, Palmolive

First agency in Mexico to handle campaigns to a Latin American level.

Starts Business Units specialized by sector.

Internal development of talent of multidisciplinary specialists.

Lead image initiates great efforts to position and spread PRs for them to be considered in the companies' budgets.


Creation of the Corporate PRs Business Unit.

Banamex, KFC, Budget Rent-a-Car, University of Guadalajara

Implementation of educational campaigns and the concept of Social work.


Consultory support and conferences in universities.

University of the Valley of Mexico, ULA, and UNAM.

Tourism and Hospitality Business Unit

British Airways. Mexican Tourism Department (USTTA), Tourism Office in Texas, San Antonio, and Arizona. Industry and Commerce Department in Puerto Rico. Avis, Rent- a-car, Budget Rent-a-car, Continental Airlines, Embassy Suites, Hertz, RCI, Hilton hotels, NH, Hampton Inn, Villa Vera Acapulco, Los Sábalos, Playa Careyes.

Creation of the Lead Image RSE program

Ashoka, Mexican Foundation for the Development of the Countryside, Mexico City Private Assistance Board, Free Program of University Conferences: ULA, Del Valle de Mexico, UP, Ibero, Tec de Monterrey.

The professionals at the agency dedicate their time to noble causes Support in the creation of the educational program of the Major in Communications and PR at universities.


Business Unit for Fashion, Health, and Beauty

Lycra from Dupont, Liverpool department stores, Adidas, Guerlain, Revlon, Almay, Nivea -Visage, Creme, and Solar, Eucerin, Mexican Association of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Mexican Dental Association.

Organization of runways. Personality programs. Sales force integration. Communication for Doctors.


First crisis cases

Every client of the agency.

Creation of a methodology for the reality of Mexico.

Good's Unit

Pepsico Group: Pepsicola, Sabritas, Sonric’s, Gamesa, its brands and line extensions.

Support to companies to open their communication departments.


Technology and Telecommunications Business Unit

Oracle, Ricoh, General Electric and Mabe, Iusacell, 6 divisions of Motorola, Unisys, Kodak, Polaroid, Adnet, Avalon Software, Koblenz, later Alcatel-Lucent, Dassault Systems, CommScope, Epson, Eaton Technologies.

Implementation of regional campaigns like hub Latin America. Automation and digitalization of the agency.


Implementation of the Speaker's Program at the agency.

UNAM, La Salle University, La Concordia University, Quintana Roo Chamber of Commerce.


Experiential Mktg Communications.

Adidas. Seagrams: Absolut, Tequila Don Julio y Tres Magueyes, Chivas Reagal, Martell, Osborne. Mabesa: Champs diapers, bbtips, BioBaby

The agency integrates a group of multidisciplinary specialists to generate the strategies. Calls external spokespeople with expertise in each sector.


Lead Image Think Tank program for the Development of Internal Talent.

We created the Course ‘Marketing applied to PR’ together with the University of Communication (CADEC).

Pharmaceutical Business Unit

Boehringer Ingelheim Promeco, Bristol Myers-Mead Johnson, Merck, Novartis, Rhône Poulenc, Roche-Syntex, Upjohn, Ciba-Geigy, Merck Sharp and Dome, Sanofi.

Integral programs with parents, schools, doctors, social work, museums. Recognition by the Responsible Care Program as the best practices of Boeringer Ingelheim Promeco.

We become the PR agency with larger expertise in logistics in Mexico.

ADO (Multipack), DHL, Fedex,

Developing of the concept of the High Executive Assistants (B2C), and the World Centre of International Commerce (B2B) for DHL, later on taken to Spain.


We receive recognition for the handling of integral communications.


The agency receives the Award ‘Marketing Monsters’ from the Magazine CNN Expansión and Finalist in Merca 2.0 as best campaign for Absolut.

Handling of regional campaigns for clients from Mexico.

Kodak, Motorola, Absolut

Regional strategy from Mexico for the PR departments from each country.

Sports Business Unit

Adidas, Dallas Cowboys, AAA Lucha Libre, Fútbol Tenis, NFL

Implementation of activities, not only sportive, but B2B, B2C, life and style.


Agri-food Industry Business Unit

Sabormex, Café Legal, La Costeña, Evian, Choco Milk, Cal-C-toce, Anderson Clayton, Rougier,

Program for Chefs. Program for specialized doctors.


Implementation of 360° campaigns.

Every client of the agency.

Including media, events, conferences, publicity and advertising, direct emailing, expositions.


Intelligence digital services for client decision making.

Linet – reports and Image Perception Intelligence 

As part of its permanent innovation, the agency creates Linet, a 360° report system though which its clients can see in real time the main impact results of their campaign from any part of the world.


Latin American Business Unit

Founding of PR Latam in Miami as hub of the Latin American agencies of the main 9 countries of the region.


Implementation of methodology, campaign unification, adaptation of concepts and messages to local needs.


Digital Innovation Unit

Every client of the agency.

Implementation of ecosystems of communication on and offline.


International Business Unit

The only PR, Marketing, and Communication agency in Latin America that achieves an international agreement with Global Com. Network with presence in 60 countries, that promotes international business.

As an specialist in the region, every year the agency presents to the world many challenges and opportunities in Latam. It has represented Mexico and the region in India, Germany, Poland, Turkey, China, among other countries. It has participated in global campaigns like OtterBox.


Creation and Development of Brand & Business

For every client.

Campaigns of strategic focus according to business needs, reputation, and brand equity.


Food Industry

APEAM (Avocado Producers and Exporters Association), Fishing Industry: COMEPESCA and Pesca con Futuro, Nature Sweet Tomatoes.

Creation and Development of the ‘Macro system of Communication ecosystems’.


Sustainable Enterprises Business Unit

BioBaby, Comercial Mexicana

Optimization programs for the sustainability campaigns.


20 years record with the same client.

Mabesa: corporate, bbtips, BioBaby, Champs, Chicolastic, Liberty, Affective.


Creation of the Production and Creativity Unit. Opening of the Mérida branch.

To provide service to all clients in the agency.

Commitment to the development of content strategies based on video, audio and life transmissions.